Sunday, January 17, 2010


For this blog, I normally don't take photos of new shirts that are still on the rack in department stores. I prefer that they they be more like "found objects," rather than still selling at retail.

But this one is quite possibly the best thing since spliced genes.

And the award for "Best Concept in T-Shirt Design goes to..."

This shirt provides its own caption (and my apologies that it's a little out of focus), so I'm not even going to attempt to write something funnier than the Gary Larson-esque cartoon already is.

But what makes this shirt truly especially special... smells like BACON!

I spotted this shirt in January 2010 at Kohl's in the Boys' dept. And even though the largest size was a little snug on me I just couldn't resist owning a bacon-scented T-Shirt. Now I just need to lose 15 pounds so I can wear it.

This shirt is manufactured by, and although Kohl's stocks Hybrid's shirts regularly and sells them online via they do not offer the bacon shirt on their site.

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