Monday, February 1, 2010

Burgers and Math

Nolan Rubin loves hamburgers.

He loves hamburgers so much that he was willing to go on record for a Wall Street Journal article on Burger King "Super Fans" and admit publicly that he would "wolf down bacon cheeseburgers three or four nights a week at Burger King, Jack in the Box and local bars."

And then burger-lover Nolan Rubin was laid off from his job, forcing him to change his eating habits and dine on a tighter budget.

Nolan says now he and his fiance "cook at home using organic vegetables and dine out only on weekends," and "figures he is saving more than $100 a week by eating fewer burgers."

Nolan Rubin may love hamburgers, but he's not so good at math or at being frugal. You can eat 100 Whopper Jrs off the value menu at Burger King for $100...if you were so inclined. You could even add bacon and cheese for pocket change.

And I don't know what those "local bars" were charging for their burgers, but I know BK and Jack's burgers aren't $25 each.

Props to Nolan and his fiance for changing their eating habits and living on a budget, and maybe he'll live longer too since he's backed off the bacon.

But maybe in the future Nolan should leave the math and the finances to his fiance since I think maybe he doesn't know the value of a burger.

Dangit. Now I'm hungry and I have the strangest craving for Burger King...

I guarantee you I won't be having one of their $1 double cheeseburgers they've been advertising. They're awful. BK's double cheeseburger made web headlines recently because their franchisers were complaining they were losing money on the burger.

I should hope so. Their burger made me lose my appetite. BK's $1 double cheeseburger is like eating two kitchen sponges that have been soaked in cheese and beef. At first, I thought it was just poor quality control by the BK location where I first tried one. But unfortunately, it was the same case with TWO other locations.

And what's worse, the meat has a very non-flame-broiled taste that made the Whopper famous.

Burger King's $1 double cheeseburger = Epic Burger Fail.

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