Friday, February 12, 2010

Review: Still Breathing

Continuing my series of recommended Valentine's Day romantic movies...

- Still Breathing (1997) ****1/2
Director/Writer: James F. Robinson
Starring: Brendan Fraser, Joanna Going

At the risk of sounding dangerously un-masculine, I'm not ashamed to admit I loved this movie. It's a beautiful modern fairytale about how a truly odd couple -- a con artist and a puppeteer -- find "true love." Yes, it's sheer romantic fantasy but it's presented in a way that's refreshing and hopeful without being cliché. Highly recommended for helpless romantics.

Additional thoughts:

I'm expanding on this capsule review since this is both a very watchable film and a great DVD package too.

There's something very calming, peaceful and comforting about this film. And it's intelligent, well-performed and full of nuance -- subtle details, symbolism, foreshadowing and a color palette all deliberately and strategically placed in the film that you might not even pick up on them during the first viewing. So if you love films I suggest watching it more than once.

And the director's audio commentary is hands-down the most insightful presentation I have ever heard for a film on the careful thought, effort, and painstaking attention to detail that went into crafting this genuine gem of a film.

I loved this movie so much, I ended up buying the soundtrack too.

It's disappointing that writer/director James F. Robinson has only this solitary film to his credit on I'd love to see more from him. Where the heck are you, James? Please, Mr. Robinson, give us more films like this one.

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