Saturday, February 6, 2010

Facebook is Full of Fail

The following was originally posted February 6, 2010 and has since become a mostly dated rant.

I hates the new Facebook changes.

The Live Feed has become a nightmare cluttered with posts from Fan Pages and Groups and every single little bit of activity by my friends (which I only want to see if I actually look at their profiles).

My organized friends lists have disappeared. Thank you so much, Facebook, for letting me waste my time setting those up so you could purge them in your update.

You can't even view your Groups at a glance now -- it redirects to your feed, which is complete nonsense.

And you practically need a tutorial to understand how their new privacy controls work. I really don't want every single post to friends' profiles, fan pages and groups showing up in my feeds, and there's no reason everyone in my networks should see that either (nor do most of them even care to). Seriously, there's no legitimate reason why Facebook can't put that setting back to the way it was before.

If this continues, people are going to get fed up w/Facebook and someone(s) will make something better where users' recommendations and requests are actually priority considerations for format and content instead of being ignored.

I pray for that day to come quickly. If I was married to Facebook, I would get a divorce. Or hire someone to break Facebook's legs with a lead pipe.

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