Monday, February 8, 2010

Political Transformers

GMANews.TV reports:
Two days before the start of the campaign period, posters of candidates running for national and local posts have begun to litter parts of Metro Manila.

In Manila and Quezon City, posters of a presidential bet and his running mate [Richard Gordon and running mate Bayani Fernando] sprouted in several areas, including parts of main thoroughfares such as EspaƱa Avenue and Quezon Avenue.

While the posters did not tell people to "vote" for the candidates, the images of the presidential bet and his running mate, along with their nickname "The Transformers," were prominent in the posters.

It makes one wonder if they really thought through that campaign slogan. Such an easy target for parody. What a fun presidential race that will be.

So which one is Bumblebee?

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